The University of Moncton,one of the best universities in Ca

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The University of Moncton is one of the most outstanding university in Canada, a total of three campuses, are located in the city of Moncton (main campus), Edmonston, and Shengbadun city. Monckton University, formerly known as St. John's Church College, was founded in 1864, was officially recognized by University of Oxford in 1906.

The school has more than 6000 registered students, because of its unique geographical position, each of the graduates of Monckton university are English, French bilingual talent. The graduates including the current Metro Bushike governor, the Canadian Consulate General in Hongkong. The University of Moncton is a complete discipline comprehensive university, consists of a number of schools, including the famous school of laws, family nutrition, kinematics, nurses, engineering, School of architecture, and other, the law school is the division of foreign, in the world only professor of French at common law school, enjoys a very high position in the field of law. University of Moncton famous professional law, education, accounting, management, marketing, finance, computer, engineering, art, in the 2000 Canadian accountants annual exams. Its graduates with a 100% success rate among the first. Monckton university with its elegant learning environment, safe communities (for many years without criminal cases), excellent teachers and diverse cultures to attract students from all over the world.

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