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Lethbridge University of Canada in Alberta province provincial public university, founded in 1967. The school for many years in the Canadian authority magazine Maclean's ranked among the top ten universities in the University rankings.
Lethbridge university is located in the southern city of Alberta, Canada, Lethbridge City, nearly 7 thousand students. The school has six departments, with more than 150 undergraduate majors, disciplines involved in the humanities, social, science, art, health sciences and management. Graduate School of education, arts and science, and other fields of education, master's and doctoral major.

The school has facilities for modern classrooms, laboratories, libraries, art studios, and computer networks and Internet all over the campus.
University of Lethbridge, although smaller, but to provide a rich feature of the liberal arts, philosophy and other courses. The strong learning environment of the school attracts a large number of students. University has retained the teaching methods of interaction between teachers and students. Including in the field of management, sociology, drama, and part of the science and other fields. In recent years, the school expanded enrollment of 30% students. But the school still maintains a rigorous teaching method, and with its good teacher and student relations and proud. High grade students and professors often work together to carry out research projects.

The school has gained 5 million 400 thousand Canadian dollars a year from its research program. These research projects include biotechnology, water resources, and other aspects of neural psychology. 4 years ago, the school was built 7 million 300 thousand of the value of the behavioral psychology research center, on the basis of the original, to provide 3600 square meters of research venues for this discipline.
The school boasts and Life Sciences, national research and professional management. The school provides 5 years of education courses, it is very unique. This course includes 30 weeks of practical courses, more than twice the time of other schools in the same profession. In addition, the Department of drama and music professor occupies a higher position in the relevant areas.
At present, there have been more than 200 international students from 37 countries in the world, including 71 people from China, Lethbridge. Schools with language training, freshman admission counseling, psychological counseling and employment guidance and other services and facilities.

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