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The London School of Economics bachelor degree
LSE in the UK, teaching and scientific research focused on the social, political, and economic sciences. The school in teaching and research of social science have made remarkable academic achievements, has a number of leading achievements, won the high international reputation for the school, teaching quality and research achievement highly renowned in the world. The school courses in holds a master's degree in 1 year, 3 year bachelor's degree and diploma course, visiting scholar, summer courses as well as the administrative management and vocational education courses.

In January 2006, IDEAS for economic research report will be the lse as a global economic research at the university of the third, is the first prize of the American university. Impact on the study of econometric analysis of Yale university in 1999, analyzes the world's best 100 PhD in economics. At the London school of economics because its graduates with research published more than 2000 pages, the world's number one.

Due to the concentration of LSE professional research in the social sciences, the school is not lack of funds for scale and (2007-2008 released by the government budget is only more than 2000 pounds, was only with the G5 super elite university at university college London (UCL 1/14, 1/15 of the imperial college IC) LSE in the main performance of world university rankings, but in the field of social science, LSE is located in the world. Baldwin, higher education and social science in QS ranked as the world's second economic field.

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