Need a bachelor degree from Nipissing University?

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bachelor degree from Nipissing University

Need a bachelor degree from Nipissing University? Nipissing University predeced as North Bay normal school, 1992 for Nipissing University Bachelor's degree granting, become the new Canada has degree granting University. University degree courses and business, nursing and criminal justice and other professional courses a series of liberal arts college. Bachelor of education and master of education in education. In October 13, 2004, according to the Canadian and Mail Globe statistics report on the Canadian University, Nipissing University in a comprehensive education has been rated as a Grade A.

Nipissing University was founded in 1992, is located in the Laurentian mountains, downward overlooks, Ontario Connaught Spey, Nipi symplectic lake beautiful scenery glance. Need a bachelor degree from Nipissing University? North Bay has a population of 56000, is located in northern Ontario, a peaceful and friendly social atmosphere. Nipissing university is located in the North Bay's downtown, from Toronto only 3.5 hours away, away from the capital of Canada, Ottawa, only four hours. In addition to the main campus of the Nipissing University in the North Bay, shared facilities with the University, the University also has two satellite campuses located in the south of Ontario Province.

In August 1996, Nipissing University opened a satellite campus campus is located in Muskoka, Blaise Bridge. Need a bachelor degree from Nipissing University? Students in the campus provide full-time or part-time study opportunities for three different arts and Sciences degree; children and family studies, culture and art or 3 years of liberal arts degree. Students can also choose to do more work, of course, discipline specific, positioning itself for further research to establish an honorary degree can be completed in the North Bay campus. Class size is very small. The campus provides special support programs, which include - career counseling, job search, academic skills programs, peer teaching resources and special needs for personalized assistance to students. The Muskoka campus of Nipissing University enrollment eligibility for scholarships and grants.

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