How to obtain transcript from University fo Alberta

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transcript from University fo Alberta
The various facilities in the campus of University of Alberta are very complete and advanced. How to obtain transcript from University fo Alberta. Main campus covers an area of 89 hectares and 5000 hectares of off campus research land, broad campus to accommodate the 400 research laboratories, including the most powerful laser laboratory, the ranking the forefront of scanning electron microscope laboratory, two sets of NMR facilities and some agricultural research site. The university library is the second largest scientific research library in Canada, with the total amount of books per capita. Because where the provinces of Alberta is Canada's leading oil producer, not only economically compared to other universities superior, relevant scientific research and curriculum also ranked forefront in Canada, especially in Petroleum Engineering (Petra Engineering) is the most famous. At the same time, its Timms Art Center has the latest best drama teaching facilities, sports and recreation center both outdoor and indoor recreational facilities. University of Alberta sports is more famous, especially in volleyball team and ice hockey team is more excellent, often can get the national award. 
In the campus of a total of 8 different characteristics of the students' dormitories, to provide accommodation for more than 4000 students. How to obtain transcript from University fo Alberta.  Student apartments are divided into four areas: Center Lister, Hub, House International, St.Jean. The French Quarter private hostel St.Jean is not in the campus, but through the school bus. Hub connected with the mall, is a convenient and comfortable living place. 
In addition, the school has more than 80 student services, including health care, academic research, personal financial assistance and employment assistance, etc.. Extracurricular activities, University of Alberta, there are more than 450 student clubs and associations, 21 different professional sports teams, and 500 a number of fitness and entertainment activities in the campus.The Universities provide students with a good academic atmosphere, in the full plus 3M Teaching Excellence Award, University of Alberta, 23 teachers won the award, but also Canada has the most awards of the university. Small class teaching in the school, which is not much in canada. How to obtain transcript from University fo Alberta. 

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