Certified Management Accountants (IMA) certificate

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Certified Management Accountants (IMA) certificate
CMA certification is established in 1919 the establishment of the Institute of Management Accountants ( IMA) professional certification system, is the world for management accounting and financial management areas of certification authority. Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and the United States certified public accountant (USCPA), financial analyst (CFA) together and known as the United States and the world's three largest Gold Certified Gold certified.

CMA certification aims to foster the breadth of knowledge management accounting personnel and financial management personnel, so that it can predict the needs of business and participate in strategic decision-making. And the scope of knowledge contained in the content of the examination can reflect the ability of the management accounting personnel and financial management personnel in the current business environment. CMA exam content covers almost all MBA courses, ready to test is likened to read a mini MBA (Program Mini-MBA). Therefore, has obtained the qualification of CMA represents not only the have a complete accounting and finance related domain knowledge, also have a highly professional standards and the ability to analyze the enterprise internal financial statements, to assist management authorities to grasp the situation in financial management and to develop the future strategy and execution.

American Institute of Certified Management Accountants (IMA) is a leader in management accounting, financial management and information related fields, are the subject of management accounting in the most authoritative institutions, has a history of 103 years of IMA global 80000 members, including 265 U.S. and global branch. December 1972 IMA in the United States for the first time in 22 cities for the first time in 410 candidates held the first CMA exam. Over 30 years, there are more than 27000 accounting and financial management professionals in the world to obtain CMA qualifications, including 11000 international members from 119 countries.

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