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Buy fake diploma when Graduates stuck in pay freeze permafro

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If graduates are feeling like they never get any better off, despite having a degree, maybe that's because they really are getting poorer.
The latest official statistics show that the long ice age of wage stagnation is grinding on - and that graduate earnings have been in a deep freeze stretching back for the past decade.buy fake bachelor degree,buy fake master degree.Since university tuition fees in England rose to £9,000 there have been recurrent questions about whether it's still financially advantageous to get a degree.
The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has published its latest figures on the graduate labour market - and it shows that graduates are still getting a career benefit.buy phony diploma, buy milled degree, how to buy a bachelor degree.

They earn more on average than non-graduates and are much less likely to be unemployed. Postgraduates earn even more and those with higher grades of degrees are paid more than those with lower.buy bachelor degree, buy master degree, fake diploma, where to buy a diploma.None of that might seem particularly surprising - although there is a slightly worrying rise in graduates in non-graduate jobs.
But the big backdrop - so big that it's sometimes not seen - is the long-term flatlining in earnings. Employment levels have picked up towards pre-recession levels, but pay is still under a layer of permafrost.
The latest graduate earnings figures track median salaries back to 2006. There was a slight upwards nudge between 2006 and 2008, for young and older graduates - and since then barely a flicker.buy fake degree,buy fake diploma,buy fake certificate.
Graduate Labour Market, 2015
Graduate unemployment: 3.1%
Non-graduate unemployment: 6.4%
Young graduates: 56% in high skill jobs, 31% in medium and low skill jobs
Young non-graduates 17% in high skill jobs, 54% in medium and low skill jobs
Median salary for young graduates: £24,000 (£31,500 for all ages)
Median salary for young non-graduates: £18,000 (£22,000 for all ages)
Source: BIS
What is really tough about these figures is that they are not real-terms numbers, taking into account inflation. These are salaries in cash terms.
A young graduate in 2008 was typically earning about £24,000 and in 2015 a young graduate was still typically earning £24,000.
Apart from the rising costs of bills and underlying inflation, think about the other extra factors hitting graduate finances. They will have £27,000 in tuition fee debt, not to mention sky-rocketing rent and property prices. More money is going out, without any more going in.
Across the whole graduate population, there has been a similar glacial freeze in earnings. The typical salary of graduates in 2015 was £31,500, about £500 more than six years earlier.

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