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The Bermuda triangle mystery truth been solved? The scientis

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On May 5, 2016, the Bermuda triangle mystery truth been solved? The scientists found. Mystery of the Bermuda triangle has not, scientists can explain the disappearance of ships, large craters these questions have been puzzled people, recently scientists to the mystery of the Bermuda triangle gives a new explanation, solved the mystery. Science and technology news below small make up take you to see the Bermuda triangle mystery of truth is solved.

The Bermuda triangle is located in the drama of the toothpaste Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the United States, Florida into a triangle, three some supernatural occur frequently in this area.

In recent years about the mystery of the Bermuda opinions, this mysterious sea is always can't use common sense to explain some phenomena occur, what hides behind the Bermuda triangle's secret? Scientists have done many studies in the laboratory made to explain the mystery of the Bermuda triangle.


Scientists in Britain have vents at the bottom of the Barents sea found multiple large holes, which may explain in the disappearance of many ships. Scientists said that these holes are for methane accumulation is overmuch, off the coast of Norway have holes when leaked, finally found in when a volcano erupts.

Researchers at the university of Norway's arctic, said in the Barents sea floor in the Midwest have multiple large holes, this is likely to be caused by gas explosion. And volcanic eruptions will release a large amount of methane in shallow sea area, pose a threat to Babylon supported the passing ships of the sea, and even affect nearby tourism. Experts say, this may explain the real reason for the ship disappeared in the Bermuda triangle.

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