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Survey: More than half of high school students want to give

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According to yonhap news agency reported on May 5,May 8 is South Korea's parents section, a south Korean space provider TOZ around for high school students conducted a questionnaire survey. Results show that more than half of all high school students in the parents want to present for their parents is the first of the school report card.

A total of 3500 high school students to participate in the survey, 51% of respondents chose the school first report card, then followed by hand writing (23%), the accumulation of allowance to prepare gifts (14%) and carnations (12%).

Asked on May 5, the children's day, on May 6, 4 days of temporary public holidays and weekends to form small long vacation most want to do with family, 39% of respondents chose the family travel, 25% choose to watch movie together and shows and 11% choose to eat out, choose to watch sports games together, and 4% and 21% of people choose "no". In addition, 52% of respondents said through a family trip to release the pressure of study, 60% of respondents said the best was prevented method is to concentrate on learning and improve academic performance.
TOZ, according to the analysis of the results of the survey from the side reflect the high school students study pressure, suggest that students and parents get "recharge" by watching the performance from travel or opportunities.

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