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The United States has announced the eight Ivy league. Statistics show that this year most of the Ivy League's acceptance rate is lower than last year. America's top universities is undoubtedly the study in China  dream bachelor degree, buy master degree, fake diploma, where to buy a diploma. Applicants a year than a year many, applicants also have their own wonderful, but the school admission threshold also increased year by year, competition is a year than a year tragic. In fact, in addition to the number of restrictions, which is a little-known behind the tragic reason - these schools have a considerable part of the number of places each year is the unspoken rules.

Family first top schools in the United States have clear their admissions policy. These principles are openly publicly, for people to apply for reference. Students of all countries in the world are also doing their best to be able to step into these schools and fully a fight. However, these schools may never tell you the hidden rules behind their admissions.
buy bachelor degree, buy master degree, fake diploma, where to buy a diploma.These unspoken rules have the development of the project, after the star and family priorities, one of the most influential one is and alumni donations related family priority". In recent years, the market day up, the amount of donations is also increased exponentially. These donations by alumni formed a huge interest groups and kidnapped school, both when customers to donate and broker when, not only trying to their children are enrolled in these schools, may also through various ways to plug the relatives and friends of the children into.

Of course, these alumni donations to the family will also be for the children to enter the school in advance to pave the way. First, they sent their children to the right of private high schools, in addition to let the children enjoy the best Xi, also let them have the opportunity to participate in a variety of aristocratic sports such as boating, windsurfing and polo and so on.
buy bachelor degree, buy master degree, fake diploma, where to buy a diploma. At the same time, they will deliberately take their children to participate in a variety of influential gatherings, to get to know all kinds of celebrities, to develop their communication skills, to open up their vision, and even cause the attention of the industry. And these privileged advantages in the end have become the elite of the admission of these children's unique reason - that is, they are different.

Digital speak Harvard University, like many other schools, alumni donations for a long time, but also a very good tradition, is responsible for the donation of the school resources committee. Although the committee does not participate in the school's decision-making or provide advice, but a huge influence, schools and principals are not separated from it. The biggest donors generally in the Committee donors in the past at least a donation of $100 million, it is possible to obtain the committee member qualification.
buy bachelor degree, buy master degree, fake diploma, where to buy a diploma. And if you want to get the core member of the Committee of the Executive Committee of the qualification, at least you need to donate more than $5 million. Harvard University of these luxury customers to donate the maximum return, is to give the maximum preferential conditions in the admission of their children when.

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