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Some Chinese universities are considering a limit on the surging number of visitors to their campuses amid concerns that the tourists might disrupt the running of the university. Should visitors be banned or restricted from entering the campuses?


Catherine (US)

where to buy a fake diploma, we can help you. Many of the well-known colleges around the world have places of historical significance or cultural value, for instance, Cambridge or Harvard. They have become tourist attractions that bring more people to campus, which makes campus look busier to people are visiting for admissions and increases awareness of the school. So, by all means, university campuses should be open to both prospective students and the regular public.

Wangsirui (China)

In my opinion, there are a lot of benefits for opening the campus for the tourists. First of all, it is a free advertisement for campus. In fact, it is a common practice not only in China but also in other parts of world . When you travel in the US or UK, especially on package travel, most travel agencies will offer a trip to Cambridge or Oxford for you and your kids.buy bachelor degree, buy master degree, fake diploma, where to buy a diploma, Secondly, it is a good chance for you and your kids to get to know the famous campus and encourage them to go there to study. It is also a good way for the government to boost local tourism. On the other hand, the campus should strengthen the management of open areas and keep a restriction on visitors.

Eric (UK)

Many prestigious universities offer lots of great attractions for visitors. But I think it would be a great idea to have regular guided tours. It might motivate interest, especially of students, in higher education.

Sunnylin01 (China)

The campus should be open to tourists as long as students' normal lives are not interrupted. Universities are places of learning instead of scenic spots. A quiet environment with minimal distractions should be foremost and guaranteed. Visitors are free to appreciate the beauty of the university, but the precondition is that they should not disturb those who are studying there.

rocksugar96 (China)

I believe a campus should be open to tourists but with restrictions. First, the number of visitors should be limited, like to 1,500 people per day or 200 per hour. And to make it convenient for both sides, we can learn from successful experiences of foreign universities that the tourists need to book in advance. buy bachelor degree, buy master degree, fake diploma, where to buy a diploma. Only the admitted person can have a tour. Secondly, tourists should behave themselves. Not littering is a basic rule. Keeping a neat campus environment is everyone’s duty. Also, being quiet in the study quarters show one’s respectable personality. Only under the specific regulations can both universities and visitors benefit.

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